Exploring the Process and Benefits of Total Knee Replacement Surgery

In the next few years it’s projected that there will be over 1 million total knee replacements performed in the United States annually. Chances are you have a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague who has had one already. With these procedures becoming more common place we can easily forget how challenging the decision making process can be, and the surgery itself and the recovery after most definitely are. Making an educated, informed decision is vital to the success of a total knee replacement.

A Lack of Information and Overcoming Confusion

Many times in going through the process of experiencing knee pain and being told you have arthritis the quality and or availability of information can be lacking. It may be difficult knowing what questions to ask, or who to seek information from. As you go about this journey you may feel overwhelmed or confused, you’re not alone. In our practice many patient’s arrive the day of their evaluation with unanswered questions and we are able to talk through the process from beginning to end, including options that may help them to avoid or delay surgery.

Understanding “Bone on Bone” and Its Implications

If you’ve been told that your knee is “bone on bone” there are things you should know regarding what that truly means, how that does or does not explain your knee pain, and how you may benefit from a guided exercise program to keep you enjoying the things in life that you value the most. Literally everyone will go through the experience of knee arthritis, its a natural part of the aging process. The rate of change, level of pain, and the limitations that come with it will vary greatly and depend on a number of factors; some you can control and some you cannot. The goal is not to prevent arthritis from happening, it’s to learn to live with it, function in spite of it and minimize it’s impact on you doing the things you love to do. Let us help you navigate that journey and continue to live your best life.