Hands On Treatment

All our providers are trained and experienced in providing the best hands-on treatments. We manipulate joints “pop joints,” stretch, massage, use tools, suction cups, and dry needle.

therapists hands pressing on patient's lower back

Dry Needling

Dry needling is more than just being poked by needles! Dry needling is safe and can be used to help a variety of conditions including, but not limited to muscles and trigger points, tendons and ligaments, and neurological conditions and chronic neurogenic pain.We use thin myofilament needles to improve pain, circulation, and tissue tone.

Dry needling is based on western musculoskeletal knowledge and pathoanatomical diagnoses. We can use dry needling to help you through conditions such as “tennis and golfer’s elbow”, “shin splints”, knee arthritis, sprains/strains, radiculopathy (“sciatica”), headaches, and more.

Joint Mobilization and Manipulation

Make it pop! Joints and other tissues get stuck, we make them move again, which restores motion and alleviates pain.

Manual Therapy, Massage, and Soft Tissue Mobilization

This speaks for itself.  Muscles and other tissues get tight and we will get them moving again.  We will be as aggressive or light as you like and can tolerate to achieve the best outcome as soon as possible.

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